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9/13 World Sepsis Day in JAPAN 2013 
 World Sepsis Day was started today, on 13 September 2013. As a systemic inflammation due to infection, sepsis is a pathological condition to be immediate cause of the death in "cancer", "pneumonia" and "stroke. However, there is a current situation that is not generally well known. World Sepsis Day will celebrate its second year.
 The Nagoya university hospital held a commemorative lecture course as this campaign eve on 12 September 2013. Then, we made the lighting of 4 hours candle at 7 am on 13 September 2013. Early finding and early treatment is the most important for sepsis. Sepsis state should be released in less than four hours especially in septic shock. Prof. Matsuda explained the World Sepsis Day in Aichi CBC radio on air from 12:30 noon. Then, from 4 pm, the Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine held the World Sepsis Day in JAPAN in Tokyo Station KITTE.
 You could help to give yourself a better understanding about the sepsis widely. Big event will be planning and entertainment activities will be included further next year.


9/07 集中治療フォーラム in NAGOYA
セッションⅠ 「集中治療におけるショック管理バンドル 〜M13 S6の理論公開〜」
名古屋大学大学院医学系研究科 救急・集中治療医学分野 教授 松田 直之 先生
セッションⅡ 「 集中治療における心エコー活用バンドル 」
社会福祉法人 浅草寺病院 循環器内科 部長  梶本 克也 先生
セッションⅢ 「 肺炎と心不全との接点 –胸部画像評価と病態解析のABC- 」
琉球大学大学院医学研究科 感染症・呼吸器・消化器内科学 教授 藤田 次郎 先生

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